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Carroll D. Wright can be counted among the founding fathers of official government statistics in the United States. Here a few biographical details from an encyclopaedia published shortly after the paper below was presented. For impatient readers (sorry, he didn’t write with the Twitter-feeding generation in mind) my favorite quote: “Know thyself” applies to nations as well as

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2 years ago

Part of the cost-of-professors involves the costs of attending professional meetings. Just for a back-of-the-envelope calculation of how hotel rates have changed, we see that the headquarters hotel for the 1924 AEA meeting was The Congress where a double room (with private bath) cost $6.00 and up. (The rates quoted below appear to be day rates when one compares

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MAYOR McCLELLAN, OF NEW YORK, ADDRESSING THE CONVENTION OF HISTORIANS AND ECONOMISTS AT CARNEGIE HALL, DECEMBER 27. Others on the platform, beginning at left, are: William Jay Schieffelin, Isaac N. Seligman, Davis R. Dewey, John B. Clark, Albert Bushnell Hart, William M. Sloane, Ambassador James Bryce, Governor Hughes, Nicholas Murray Butler, Frank A. Vanderlip, Waldo

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