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Robert Franz Foerster (b. July 8, 1883; d. July 29, 1941) was the son of the American composer Adolph Martin Foerster, earned his BA from Harvard a year ahead of his class and went on at Harvard to earn a Ph.D. in economics on the topic of Italian emigration. The first twenty years of his

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COURSES IN ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Amherst College Brown University Bryn Mawr College Columbia College Cornell University Harvard University Johns Hopkins University Indiana University University of Michigan University of Nebraska College of New Jersey (Princeton) University of Pennsylvania Smith College Vassar College Wellesley College Williams College Yale University   AMHERST

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The School of Political Science at Columbia University was divided into three groups of subjects: History and Political Philosophy, Public Law and Comparative Jurisprudence, and Economics and Social Science. Economics and Social Science comprised the two subject groups: Political Economy and Finance; Sociology and Statistics.  Seligman figured that of the approximately 135 graduate students specializing in economics in

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