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Category: Irwin Collier

Backstory: When I was an undergraduate I was extremely fortunate to have received an internship at the Council of Economic Advisers in Washington, D.C. Even though I was anything but a Republican and the semester-long internship began less than three months after the bungled Watergate break-in at the Democratic National Committee by the White House

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Earlier postings about Edward Cummings, a sociologist in the Harvard Economics department at the turn of the twentieth century, included a newspaper account of his resignation of his professorship to become Unitarian pastor and a link to his papers. Harvard was not to establish an independent department of sociology until 1931, which was much later than

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Thus far I have managed to blog 140 artifacts from the history of economics over the past six months. A word of thanks again to the kind folks at the Institute for New Economic Thinking who provided me the initial funds to accumulate a wonderful stock of material bearing on academic economics in the United States.  Let

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Economics in the Rear-View Mirror will cross the 100-artifact threshold later today. Up to this point my energy has been expended in assembling an initial endowment of archival artifacts and climbing the learning curve for running a blog. I intend soon to begin the co-role of curator of the material to put things in an order that makes more sense than

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Pilgrimage to Edinburgh

1 year ago


On the road this week so few opportunities to add content. But today I did get to Adam Smith’s Edinburgh house where I took this picture.

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Somebody noticed

2 years ago


Peter Boettke of the Coordination Problem blog has the first posting  (June 25) in an economics blog to call attention to my Economics in the Rear-view Mirror. And for that first non-selfie signpost in the cloud, my thanks!

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