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Harvard. General Bibliography for Hansen and Williams’ Money and Banking, 1946-47


Today’s post is the last of three devoted to the year long graduate sequence “Principles of Money and Banking” taught by Alvin H. Hansen, John H. Williams, and Richard M. Goodwin (second semester) at Harvard in 1946-47. 

The thirteen typed pages (!) of “General Reference Reading” for both semesters has been transcribed below.

The first post includes Hansen’s first semester’s list of readings and final examination (Econ 141a) and course enrollments in each semester. The previous post provides Williams’ second semester reading list along with its final examination.




(Books listed in minimum and supplementary reading lists are not included here.)


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Source: Harvard University Archives. Syllabi, course outlines and reading lists in Economics, 1895-2003 (HUC 8522.2.1) Box 4, Folder “Economics, 1946-47 (2 of 2)”.

Image Source: Alvin H. Hansen and John H. Williams in Harvard Class Album 1942.

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