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New School for Social Research. Economics Courses, 1939-40



The Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science of the New School for Social Research was established in 1933.

The following announcement of economics course offerings for the academic year 1939-40 was published in the second three year report of the Dean of the Graduate Faculty that was published in September 1939. Two changes in the course staffing for the year were noted in the report:

  • Emil Lederer, died May 29, 1939.
  • Gerhard Colm was granted a leave of absence to serve as adviser on economic and fiscal affairs to Harry Hopkins, Secretary of Commerce, Washington, D. C., during the year 1939-1940.

Upon consulting a few genealogical websites I was able to determine that Richard Schüller only arrived in New York the following year.

For those wanting serious biographical data:  Harald Hagemann and Claus-Dieter Krohn (eds.), Biographisches Handbuch der deutschsprachigen wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Emigration nach 1933 (2 vols.). Munich: K. G. Sauer, 1999.


Announced Economics Courses by the Graduate Faculty, 1939-1940


History of Economic Thought
Problems of the Business Cycle
Socialism, Communism, Fascism


History of Economic Thought
History of American Labor and the Labor Movement
Applied Statistics


Economic Theory
Theory of Capital and Interest
Theory of a Planned Economy
History of Capitalism


Basic Problems in Economics
Public Finance
Business and Taxation
Public Investments


Strategy and Tactics in International Trade Negotiations
Studies in the Statistics of International Trade


Principles of Economic Policy
Natural Resources in the National Economy
Economic Geography and International Distribution of Raw Materials
Modern Organization in Industry and Transportation
The Significance of Population Movements


Current Economic Problems
Recent Trends in International Economic Relations
Economics of Bolshevism and Fascism


Advanced Monetary Theory
Selected Chapters in the Economics of Enterprises
Current Economic Problems
Money and Banking
The Financial Page


Labor Problems
Labor Legislation and industrial Relations
Trade Unionism
Industrial Relations
Social Security


*Dr. Lederer’s Courses will be given by various members of the Faculty.

**These courses will be given by Dr. Jakob Marschak.

***Schüller did not leave England until July 1940.


SOURCE: Report of the Dean of the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science in the New School for Social Research, September 1939, pp. 36-57. Gerhard Colm Papers, Box 24, Folder 12 (Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.).

Image Source: Webpage, The New School History Project.


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