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1 year ago

We saw in an earlier posting that political economy was a one-professor affair with Charles Franklin Dunbar doing virtually all the economics teaching at Harvard in 1874-75. Over a decade later in 1888-89, Dunbar is still at it with young Frank Taussig and two junior instructors expanding the Harvard economics course offerings. It is interesting

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    For the academic years 1912-13 through 1915-16 there are complete (or at least nearly complete) sets of examinations for many departments, including economics available at In this posting we have final examinations for all economics courses but three for the 1912-13 academic year. Since courses are only identified in these collections by

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In this posting we have a compilation of virtually all the graduate courses in economics (and sociology) offered at the major graduate schools in the U.S. at the end of the 19th century. SourceĀ  Barnard Brown BrynMawr California Chicago Columbia Cornell Harvard Hopkins Stanford Michigan Minnesota Missouri NYU Northwestern Pennsylvania Princeton Radcliffe Vanderbilt Wellesley WesternReserve

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